My approach has developed out of years of experience working within and on behalf of businesses. Building upon methods from the social sciences and ethnographic research, I have have adapted and incorporated methods from business, innovation, and behavior change thought leaders. There is no one way to go about solving problems, so I maintain a diverse tool kit and a knowledge of which tools to use when, based around asking the right questions. 


    Design Research and customer insights

    Good strategy begins with people, from understanding their life, work, and needs, to confirming that solutions will work in their world.  Good research begins with asking the right questions, to ensure the problem is properly framed and the appropriate stage in the process is identified and the methods match the insights needed. Alchymyx conducts research across the spectrum from Discovery to Validation, using a range of methodologies for both qualitative and quantitative understanding of customer behavior including contextual interviews, ethnographic observation, diary studies, surveys, mobile studies, and prototype interviews. By ensuring the right questions are asked and addressed, I deliver actionable insights that can extend beyond the current project. 

    Framing and visioning

    Where are you trying to go? What do you need to know in order to get there? Alchymyx starts by by getting to the stakeholders. This may include business sponsors, people assigned to the team, and anyone with an interest in the outcome of the project.  

    • What are the goals?
    • Why are those the goals?
    • What are the challenges and constraints?
    • How is the problem framed?  

    I ask questions and listen before helping you articulate the problem space in a way that allows the end goal to emerge clearly so that the path to get there can be broken down.  Framing the pathway to the solution is about understanding what is missing and identifying where to find it, as well as inspiring creativity around future possibilities.  By bringing together knowledge, insights, and creative sparks we build roadmaps together. 

    Organizational Assessment

    Do you know what is standing in the way of moving forward? Creating an innovative, dynamic organization goes beyond organizational charts and new processes—it is understanding how people work together and creating an environment that rewards collaboration, trust, and transparency across groups and hierarchies.  Alchymyx dives into your organization by assessing:


    • Are goals and objectives shared, not only at a high level but at the level of execution, so that it is clear to individuals and teams that working together is the way to achieve them? 
    • Do they trust that other groups will be working with the same goals in mind?


    • Are the reasons behind decisions clear to everyone, so that they trust what they are being told?
    • Are people willing to tell management the truth, rather than what they think management wants to hear?


    • Is there enough flex in your organization to shift priorities and goals on short notice, or are employees too overextended?
    • Are employees comfortable with these shifts and see the rewards of flexibility, or are the rewards geared toward staying the same?